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Doing the Right Thing Hurts Sometimes

October 22, 2017
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Yesterday I had a tough choice to make.  Little and big decisions often come down to doing what is right vs doing what is easy.  It would have been a whole lot easier just to go along for the ride rather than take a costly stand for what is right.

FedEx Ground, as some of my readers know, is a contracted service.  Contractors competitively “buy” rights to provide FedEx Ground services for certain territories, and the competition at times can become pretty fierce.  There are “politics,” rumors, gossip, games, and sometimes, deceptive and brutal trickery in the process.  Okay, whatever.  That’s between the contractors, and not my concern as a driver, right?


Some contractors are willing to involve their drivers as pawns in their little battles, and, just like in chess, the pawns always go first, suffer the greatest losses – but even a pawn and take out a king under the right conditions.  It’s completely unfair and unethical for FedEx contractors to involve drivers in their disputes and spats with competing contractors, but that, apparently, doesn’t stop some contractors from doing it.

What they didn’t count on, though, was one pawn with a conscience.

One pawn didn’t play along, didn’t take the easy path, and was willing to pay the price.  My former contractor/employer has been nothing but good to me, and we have even become friends.  So doing the right thing yesterday was especially painful for both of us.  But I can have no part in any sneaky, deceptive scheming in his battle with another contractor over control of the territory I was servicing.  This is a risk any contractor assumes when he or she involves drivers in anything other than driving.

I have hurt my friend.  I have hurt my fellow drivers that work for my friend and former boss.  I have hurt the new contractor that is managing that territory.  And I have even hurt the customers in the area I serviced, since whoever takes my place has to learn everything from scratch.  I have hurt myself, too, in lost seniority, and the loss of the privilege of taking the truck home after work.

I’m sorry for the pain I have caused, but I can’t be sorry for the decision I made, and would make again under the same circumstances.

If a king falls because of the actions of one little pawn, then let it be a lesson to all the other kings in all their games.


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