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It’s Not Just Academic

February 14, 2016
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Suzie had to jostle me to wakefulness today during a sermon that should have been impossible to sleep through. I might have really embarrassed myself today if not for Suzie! So thank you, Valentine, for poking me in church today!

We talked about it after church. Most of my readers know that Suzie and I come from a Charismatic and Pentecostal background. Those churches are known for shouting, dancing, and jumping over the pews over any little utterance, however meaningless. Now we’re in a Reformed church, where the Regulative Principle of Worship is taken very seriously (God is the One who gets to decide how He is worshiped, and we don’t get to make up our own ways of worshiping Him that make us feel good). It’s a good, sound, biblical principle. But there has to be some kinda middle ground between Charismatic emotionalism and Reformed fight-sleep-through-an-awesome-sermonism.

It’s easy for me to imagine, sitting through a service like today’s at my church, that the people don’t actually believe a single word of what they’re hearing. Because if even a fraction of it were true, they should be – well, shouting and dancing and jumping over the pews, frankly. That is especially true of any church that teaches the doctrines of grace rather than that semi-Pelagian “maybe-so, if…” doctrine.

I understand we don’t go to church to be entertained, for goodnessakes. That’s a given for a Reformed Christian. But does it have to be so devoid of emotion that it becomes mere academia? I should not be able to sleep or even get sleepy during the worship of Almighty God who has done and is doing so many awesomely wonderful things for His people! Especially during the highlight of the service when His word is opened and the truth is expounded.

I’m grateful to report that the elders of my church are doing some deep study and prayer about “waking up” the sleepy church services without violating the uncompromising Regulative Principle. But it’s easier for me to appreciate churches that have struggled with this before and come down on the side of at least partially rejecting that principle, if only to prevent accidents like the one described in Acts 20:8-12. Don’t feel too bad, pastor, the Apostle Paul had people fall asleep during his sermons too! But we shouldn’t need to go and raise some kid from the dead every Sunday because church puts people to sleep.


Still Undecided

February 14, 2016
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Once again Donald Trump has demonstrated that Trump is all about Trump and only about Trump. He sounded like aDemocrat last night with his “Bush lied, people” lines in last night’s GOP debate. And in South Carolina no less – the most military-friendly state in the Union. What America needs and what America can get from this electorate are two very different things:

What America NEEDS

America needs a right-wing extremist! A tax-cutting, border-sealing, military-hardening, screw-the-liberal entitlement bull right now kinda president. Like Ted Cruz.

What America can GET…

…from an electorate the majority of which wants a bunch of free stuff from “the government,” from free housing and health care to free college and everything else the Democrats have been telling them for generations that they are “entitled to.” Such an electorate is NOT going to vote for what America NEEDS, but for what they want – free stuff.

IF THE GOP NOMINATES Ted Cruz, which is what the country needs, he’ll be competing with Santa Claus for votes. No contest. The “gimme more free stuff” electorate here in the States will vote for the Santa Claus candidate who promises the most free stuff, even though the people are a thousand times worse off under the increasingly socialist policies that promise them all these “entitlements.”

IF THE GOP NOMINATES TRUMP, again, no contest. He’s a hollow windbag who is running only for his own ego, not for the good of the country OR for the “gimme more” crowd. Besides, our current president is enough of an ego-driven megalomaniac, we should not replace him with another of equal or greater magnitude, like Trump or the Hildebeast.

So now I’m looking at Rubio a little more seriously. I wonder if he could actually compete successfully against Santa Claus.