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Morals and Money

December 22, 2015

Again I have to moral issue to deal with. My car blew up, my son has to have a car (he was using mine) to get to and from work, and I have to have one to get to and from work. My wife has payments on her car too.

I thought the answer to prayer had come Saturday, but it’s not God’s answer. Of the three of us, only my credit was good enough to qualify for a car loan. The dealer promised to be “creative” in helping my son and I both get cars.

“APPROVED!” they said… and now I know why. I went in today to sign the final papers and here is how the dealership got “creative” to get me approved:

They lied.

After I waded through the stack of papers, the salesman explained that two separate banks had approved me for a car loan. They were able to get both approved because they did them simultaneously, so that one wouldn’t know how thinly stretched I was until it’s too late. He then advised me what to tell them when they call to confirm the information on my application. “Just tell them you’ve been there for 3 years and 8 months, and that you make $3800/month,” he said.

I told him I’m not cool with this, and he’s like, “It’s a bank, dude. You know they’re crooks anyway.”

“It looks to me like you’re the one being crooked right now,” I said.

My wife is scared. We can’t manage with just one car between three of us, all of whom work in different towns around here. She offered to do the dirty deed for me so I wouldn’t have to lie. Gee, thanks. But it’s my name on that credit application and I won’t lie. If the deal goes bad and we lose both cars that we’ve been driving since Saturday, so be it. God is my provider, and this “answer to prayer” wasn’t from Him.

I can’t afford two more car payments anyhow. I was counting on my son to make the payments on his car so I would only have to manage one payment, but it still requires me to lie to the banks.

So I’ll drive my car until that fateful phone call, since the dealer pushed me out the door and told me not to decide too hastily. But after that phone call comes, I’m back to bumming rides and hoping my son can do the same. And when this is all over, I’ll publish the name of the dealer who puts people in such a position.