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Annual Bible Reading, from Guest Blogger: Junior Duran | December 21, 2014


I didn’t become a Christian until I was 29. When I was growing up in a charismatic Christian household and I had a question about religious beliefs and practices I was told simply, “You just have to have faith.” That response wasn’t good enough for me before I was a Christian and I wasn’t satisfied with it after I became a Christian.

When I was just a few months into the faith I began working in Christian talk radio. The first lesson I learned from the radio personalities were the three rules of bible interpretation:

  1. Context.
  2. Context.
  3. Context.

What is the immediate context of your passage? What is the context of your passage within that specific book? What is the context of the passage within the whole of scripture?

Graeme Goldsworthy lists some approaches to bible reading programs that are “less than helpful”,

  • Bible-reading programmes consisting of unrelated snippets drawn…

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