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The Goal of Feminism is What, Exactly? | December 4, 2014

Some of us are merely curious about the “wussification” of men in the current liberal political climate.  Maybe we should be more concerned than just curious.  Because court rulings in particular, as well as legislative efforts, seem to be aimed towards this ideal:

Women have rights. Men have responsibilities. Including the responsibility to bear the consequences of other people’s choices – as long as the other person is female.  A 14-year-old male rape victim is now required to pay child support to the adult rapist who victimized him.  Why?  Because he is male, and therefore responsible – even as a juvenile – for his attacker’s choice to carry the resulting pregnancy to term.

Imagine if the victim was female and the attacker was male.  Would we all not be outraged if an underaged girl was raped by an adult male and then forced to give up custody of her child and forced to pay child support to her attacker for 18 years?  Does the victim’s gender make it just in the above case, for the victim to have an 18-year obligation to his attacker?

Oh, and the same is true for domestic abuse situations.  A male is allowed to defend himself only if his attacker is male.  He may not even attempt to restrain his attacker if that attacker is female. That is the law in Washington State (I know this personally, but don’t ask how) and probably in most others.

Feminism is no longer about equality.  It’s about hatred, racism, sexism, and liberalism.



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