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My Proposal to Newsweek

December 29, 2014
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A man after my own – um, imagination, writes this brilliant, epic masterpiece for Newsweek, hopefully the first of many. Enjoy!


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Annual Bible Reading, from Guest Blogger: Junior Duran

December 21, 2014
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I didn’t become a Christian until I was 29. When I was growing up in a charismatic Christian household and I had a question about religious beliefs and practices I was told simply, “You just have to have faith.” That response wasn’t good enough for me before I was a Christian and I wasn’t satisfied with it after I became a Christian.

When I was just a few months into the faith I began working in Christian talk radio. The first lesson I learned from the radio personalities were the three rules of bible interpretation:

  1. Context.
  2. Context.
  3. Context.

What is the immediate context of your passage? What is the context of your passage within that specific book? What is the context of the passage within the whole of scripture?

Graeme Goldsworthy lists some approaches to bible reading programs that are “less than helpful”,

  • Bible-reading programmes consisting of unrelated snippets drawn…

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Whither Reformed Baptists? Part One

December 9, 2014
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Reformed Baptist Fellowship


It has often been stated that the Lord Jesus referenced only the church twice in His earthly ministry. The first time is in Matthew 16 wherein he stated that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church and the secondly in Matthew 18 wherein He envisions the necessity of church discipline against an impenitent member. In these two statements, it has been said, we have the church triumphant and the church militant (struggling). The history of the Church bears both these marks. There are glorious stories of triumph and grievous stories of shame, infidelity, and retreat.

For over thirty years I have been part of Reformed Baptist Churches. I have pastored one church for nearly 25 years and have sought to help other churches get planted. I have been involved in ministerial training in the US, Africa and the Far East. In recent months I have been thinking…

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Cruelty and Greed Disguised as Compassion

December 5, 2014
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A lot of presuppositions form the basis of policies, both private and public, regarding the care of the very aged, especially when the patient has been declared mentally incompetent and decision-making for that person is in the hands of someone else. I speak from years of first-hand experience with this, and with heartfelt compassion for those without a voice. This will also be very blunt and brutal, because I honestly don’t know any other way to say it. If you’re easily offended, read no further.

Not a single person I know – including many nurses, physicians, therapists and caregivers – would wish to end up in a nursing home or even their own homes being kept artificially alive (medically, biologically) and in pain (mental, emotional, social, and physical) for years on end strictly for the financial benefit of their caregivers. A couple of generations ago, before the aged had all the present day entitlements to government-funded lifetime annuities and medical benefits, families cherished their elders and acted in their best interests, as a rule. There was no financial incentive to force a loved one to live far beyond his or her ability to enjoy life.

But these days, there is a ton of money to be made from the ever-increasing medical needs of an ever-growing population of powerless, voiceless, helpless elders whose misery is extended for many years beyond nature’s intent. Thousands of dollars are paid for tests, scans, therapy, drugs, and doctor visits, all designed to extend life, prolonging the increasingly profound suffering of the elderly who have long outlived their capacity to enjoy life or even to share their wisdom and memories. This is the new face of “compassion,” but in I dare say the majority of cases, all these therapies and tests and drugs serve only to keep money rolling in to caregivers and medical providers from pensions, insurance companies and government agencies. Where the patient is competent to make his or her own medical decisions, many request only comfort measures and refuse treatment for conditions like high cholesterol, blood pressure problems, cancer, heart disease, or any life-extending therapies. But in cases where the patient is declared incompetent, “compassion” means keeping the dollars flowing in to caregivers and medical providers.

Sometimes you can’t make so-called caregivers see compassion in any other way. “This is how it works, there’s no other way, and curse you for your heartless suggestions. Do you want dear old Grampa to die?!”

I believe Grampa wants to die, now that he can’t feel anything but pain and loss and loneliness and sorrow. I believe he wouldn’t want to be remembered this way, but as the strong, humorous, vigorous man he was before multiple strokes and heart attacks left him like this, barely able to speak or chew food. So yes, dammit, I want him to die, to go be with Jesus, finally to rest and be free of pain and sorrow. That makes me “the bad guy.” The “compassionate” thing to do is to keep him alive and in pain for as long as that pension and Medicare money lasts.

Bovine excrement. Sorry, that’s just a boatload of crap. You redefine compassion to your own purpose, so you can pay off that nice car, three computers (Really. Three), and your fancy new flat-screen TV you’ve purchased with Grampa’s pension money. His dignity and even your own marriage apparently doesn’t mean as much to you as keeping that money coming in, and I cannot bear to stand by and watch anymore. You justify extending the agony of a helpless person, calling it compassion, but I call it greed. Cruel, wicked greed.

The Goal of Feminism is What, Exactly?

December 4, 2014
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Some of us are merely curious about the “wussification” of men in the current liberal political climate.  Maybe we should be more concerned than just curious.  Because court rulings in particular, as well as legislative efforts, seem to be aimed towards this ideal:

Women have rights. Men have responsibilities. Including the responsibility to bear the consequences of other people’s choices – as long as the other person is female.  A 14-year-old male rape victim is now required to pay child support to the adult rapist who victimized him.  Why?  Because he is male, and therefore responsible – even as a juvenile – for his attacker’s choice to carry the resulting pregnancy to term.

Imagine if the victim was female and the attacker was male.  Would we all not be outraged if an underaged girl was raped by an adult male and then forced to give up custody of her child and forced to pay child support to her attacker for 18 years?  Does the victim’s gender make it just in the above case, for the victim to have an 18-year obligation to his attacker?

Oh, and the same is true for domestic abuse situations.  A male is allowed to defend himself only if his attacker is male.  He may not even attempt to restrain his attacker if that attacker is female. That is the law in Washington State (I know this personally, but don’t ask how) and probably in most others.

Feminism is no longer about equality.  It’s about hatred, racism, sexism, and liberalism.