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Florida says NO | November 5, 2014

Voters in Florida turned down a proposed amendment to the State Constitution that would have legalized “medical” marijuana. But they didn’t vote the way they did because they oppose the medical use of marijuana by prescription for those who could truly benefit from it. Florida said NO to Amendment 2 for two very different reasons:

1. – Amendment 2 was an incredibly badly written amendment. There was nothing “medical” about this proposal. It did not require a prescription, it would not be available at the local pharmacy, and it did not define or specify who a “caregiver” was, nor require any medical training of so-called “caregivers.” It was obviously written by lawyers for lawyers who would have stood to rake in millions of dollars defending so-called “caregivers” and “dispensaries” of “medical” marijuana. The author of this proposed amendment certainly did not write it for the benefit of suffering people who truly need it – and can already get it in Florida without this amendment.

2. – Amendments to the Florida Constitution have historically been proposed by cowardly politicians who did not wish to be on record in support of an issue. A few years back we had one that addressed the size of pens used to house baby pigs. Really?! A simple agricultural regulation had to take the form of a Constitutional amendment in order to get it past a cowardly legislature that didn’t wish to be held accountable for their vote. But the Constitution is not a Christmas treethat people get to hang their favorite little pet causes and ideals on. It’s time that Florida voters blew the dust off their 8th-grade Civics textbooks and learn how a representative government is supposed to work.


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