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Starting Over | September 8, 2014


(and a warning to other insurance agents who get an offer from Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company)


I have been full of doubts about this opportunity since I began, and over the last week I have had a chance to do some research on the company and on practices in this industry.

My findings indicate to me that this is not a good fit for me at all, nor I for the company. My research indicates that no ethical insurance company sells leads to its agents. It seems more like playing the lottery than making a consistent living.

I do really like the product, however, and I am very grateful that I filled out the card and was able to get some sort of final expense coverage for my mother-in-law under a modified plan. Many heartfelt thanks to my friend Pedro for his patience and perseverance with my wife and me, and for the peace of mind we enjoy as a result of this superb product.

Attached please find a copy of my notice to terminate the Associate Agent Agreement, mailed today to the home office in Phoenix. I am happy to return all the material I was given. Perhaps I could send it with Pedro or Craig if you like. The folders I was given may not be useable since I wrote my name and number on the inside flap, as instructed, but I will return them nonetheless.

Thank you for the look inside this industry, and for the valuable lessons learned about the rights of families at their time of great need.

Very cordially and respectfully yours,


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