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Maybe I should Cut My Losses | September 6, 2014

So while getting some final expense insurance for Suzie’s mom, I asked the insurance agent about his job. Y’see, I have this insurance license I worked hard and spent a bunch of money for, only to be turned away by Aflac – the company that had promised me a high-paying job if I got licensed. “Sorry, we can’t use you after all,” they said, after I had spent hundreds getting licensed. I have been turned away by other companies too, and figured this stupid license was just like my commercial driver’s license – another complete waste of money and time. Again.

Great, now what? Back to the job hunt, for several more months. Nothing. So, back to college then, and living out of savings from my Worker’s Comp settlement. But it is dwindling fast.

Then a ray of hope – this final expense insurance thing, called Funeral Advantage from Lincoln Heritage, sounds like just the ticket. I applied and got accepted! That’s the farthest this stupid license had taken me before. So here I go, spending more money on a uniform shirt, business cards, materials, office supplies, and multiple trips to Orlando all day long for training. Supposedly.

Pep talks is what they really are, to keep agents motivated, since the job involves traveling all over the place and getting doors slammed in your face all day. You buy the leads, you travel, you get turned away, you go home empty handed, with less than you had when you started. I had one single day of actual training, and that’s what it was like all day. I’m out even more money now, and still expected to buy leads and keep filling up the gas tank and using up tires – all while trying to go to college full time. Why do I keep doing this to myself? <headdesk>

Am I a dummy for trying this? Should I just cut my losses and keep looking for a “real job?”

I feel like a total idiot. And I’m about to just surrender my insurance license and CDL, since both only cost a bunch of money to maintain, and go flip burgers, wash cars, or twirl one of those signs that say “We Buy Gold” in front of a pawn shop somewhere. At least as a sign-twirler I can practice my dancing.



  1. Your CDL is for driving trucks? No long haul opportunities?

    Comment by keachfan — September 7, 2014 @ 3:28 am

    • Oh yeah, there are long-haul opportunities, but the last two such opportunities sent me to the Northeast, where the average length of haul was under 20 miles and you spent hours and hours waiting to load and unload. I lost money as a long-haul trucker. Unless you own your own rig and can be your own boss and are willing to bend the rules, there is no money to be made as a company driver with most of the companies that take driving school grads and folks with less than 3 lifetimes of accident-free experience.

      Comment by Robin — September 7, 2014 @ 10:46 am

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