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Important Notice to Readers | September 1, 2014


This blog has too few followers to be worth the trouble of maintaining it. Almost 99% of readers are referred to this blog by Google searches about desktop Linux, and far too few readers ever see “the good stuff” published here that really matters to me: Eternal things, stuff about God and His word, my journey from Charismatic confusion to the Reformation, letters to my kids about bible study, daily time with God, decision-making, and discipleship to Christ. In fact I don’t think my kids even read this blog anymore, and I don’t blame them. It’s a hodgepodge of posts about Linux, which they don’t give a flip about, interspersed with occasional posts that might actually matter to them. Wading through all that window dressing just to find a rare gem or two is too much to ask of my busy readers. The category buttons on the side of the page just don’t do what I had hoped, which was to enable readers to quickly navigate to what interests them.

So I’m thinking I should split the blog into two – a “Linux blog” and a separate one for the theological / biographical / chronicles-of-my-journey stuff. I have been invited to write as a “co-author” on one of my favorite blogs, which is much more widely read than this one. So all of “the good stuff” may end up there, and this blog will disappear into cyber-ether, possibly replaced by my technophobic Linux notes under a different name. I haven’t decided about whether or not to publish the other stuff online at all, much less where to publish it. But stay tuned. When I decide I’ll post notice here and include links to the new blog or blogs, and leave it in place for a month or two before shutting down “adopted sidekick.”


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