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Don’t We All Worship the Same God? | July 23, 2014

One Baptist minister I know called for the hospital chaplain before his surgery. An Orthodox Rabbi responded and the Baptist pastor asked for prayer. “After all,” he said, “we worship the same God.”

Really? Christians worship the Man, Jesus of Nazareth AS GOD, so we not? The Second member of the one Triune God. Orthodox Jews do not worship the Christian Triune God at all. Nor do Mormons. Do these differences matter? My Presbyterian friend Greenbaggins explores the importance of exploring our differences and why they matter:

Green Baggins

This is a fairly common occurrence. The person you meet who has been in about 5 different denominations tells you that all those denominations worship the same God. The implication (stated or unstated) is that we should stop fighting anything, since we all worship the same God. To them, no other doctrines seem to matter except the doctrine of God. Now, there is a grain of truth to this plea. We should never ignore common ground that we have with people from other denominations, as that is usually a good place to start, and shows good will. However, the unity that is usually (and rightly!) desired by people who believe in the same God cannot be achieved by simply stifling debates and lowering other doctrinal matters to the status of insignificance. This unity cannot happen by simple fiat. It is in fact naive to think this way. In fact, theā€¦

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  1. You know that always killed me every time I heard that old saw. I basically shows the ignorance of the person regarding their own beliefs and the beliefs of the person they are talking with.

    Comment by keachfan — July 25, 2014 @ 2:41 am

  2. The story about the preacher in the hospital is an old one, probably folklore. But it illustrates the point which is that the God of the bible is not the same god that is worshiped by followers of any other religion, including Judaism and Islam.

    Comment by Robin — October 2, 2014 @ 12:17 pm

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