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An Oft-told Tale | June 25, 2014

This is a rant, written by the mother of a US soldier. An Army veteran herself, she must have seen the same tragedy played out more than a few times during her service, and yet even then, she could not help her son avoid the very same tragic trap.

And we couldn’t help our son avoid the very same fate. And we did try, as far as any parent can, to warn our son and at least try to equip him emotionally for the incredibly heart-rending psychological warfare he endured for almost two years.

WARNING: “Adult” language follows, so either stop reading now or just brace yourself and accept the fact that there are sometimes appropriate occasions for strong language:

To ALL male Soldiers
Please watch out and beware.
Theres many girls out on the hunt
And they’re scattered everywhere!!!
They fill your head full of lies
And expect you to believe That they’re full of sugar and love for you,
A notion easy for you to conceive.
They say all of the right things
And use their feminine charm,
But deep inside they’re figuring ways
To cause you emotional harm.
Like this girl I know who used my son
For everything she could get.
She’s sneaky, wretched and full of crap
And she claims she isn’t finished yet.
What means the most from what shes shown
Is money and new tattoos.
Oh yeah, we cant forget to add
The weed and all the booze!

While my son was at work one day
She made a statement with a twist:
Before he came home to an empty house
She sold everything on Craig’s List!
All the furniture and most of his clothes
She disposed of everything
Like his 50+inch flat screen TV
And even his wedding ring!
When he came home the rooms were bare
No traces to be seen.
That conniving heifer took it all
Even the damn T.P!
The thieving cheating stinking whale
Apparently thought she had balls
She came back once more while he was in the field
To ensure she got it all.
An act of pure evil is what she is
She’s Satan’s spawn for sure!
It angers me every time I think
Of what my son tried to endure.
In another jab, to solidify her status
As a heartless, spineless twit,
She even took his ENGINEER RING
That he was so proud of and happy to get.
I wish I could go back in time just once
To put a stop to all of this.
I’ve got a mean right hook and an upper cut
I promise you I will not miss!
Karma is a bitch they say.
You’ve shown that you are too.
To harm a young mans military career
There’s nothing you wouldn’t do.
But I’ll be damned if I allow
You to break another’s heart
I felt that you’d be trouble alright
Right from the very start.
The game you play with young mens emotions
Shows you have no class.
You’re nothing but a selfish witch
So Honey, kiss my ass!!

Written By: Randie Parker,
Louisville, Ky
Proud Army Veteran,
Proud Army Momma
used by permission



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  1. Sorry to hear about what happened unfortunately it is as you said an oft told tale.

    Comment by keachfan — July 2, 2014 @ 11:41 pm

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