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Some Thoughts on General Assembly | June 12, 2014

Though no longer in the PCA, I share this as a brother with deep roots in the PCA and the Reformation. I am still surprised at how a denomination with such a specific and detailed Confession of Faith can even consider some of the ideas being proposed. “Federal Vision” is one threat to orthodoxy that remains inadequately addressed by the PCA. Now see what is being added to it! “Translating” the bible and omitting any reference to the Sonship of Christ so as not to offend Muslims; the ordination of women to ecclesiastical office; the independence of a committee with no accountability to the General Assembly (potentially disastrous!), and theistic evolution (also very prevalent now in the PCA). Another “float” in a long parade of examples of why we need to pray for our leaders, and why “ruling” elders must not be content to “defer theological matters” to the “experts” who – in every single case – are the ones who invent and spread these ridiculous, unbiblical ideas.

Green Baggins

These thoughts are not in any particular order. But I did want to address some of the issues, and try to explain them in such a way that the average ruling elder in particular would be able to understand and follow the important things that are going on.

First up is the evening of confessional concern and prayer being held on Monday night. One thing I had not noticed about it the first time I read it was that it is an RSVP event. So please remember that and RSVP if you are planning to attend. The second thing I want to say about this (a thing which isn’t entirely clear in the Aquila Report) is that this evening of confessional concern and prayer is a shot across the bow of the PCA. This is not merely a discussion of the major issues facing the denomination at the General Assembly…

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