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The New Birth (6). Paedofaith and Presumptive Regeneration | April 15, 2014

Even though officially denounced by several Presbyterian denominations, Federal Vision teaching enjoys growing popularity in others. But why is a Baptist writing about it? For the very same reason that Luther and Calvin wrote as they did, against Rome. FV is, in summary, a call for Protestants BACK TO ROME.

Martin Marprelate

Paedofaith and Presumptive Regeneration.

It seems that now may be a good time to discuss the Doctrine of Presumptive Regeneration.  In this article, I shall not be criticizing infant baptism per se.  Readers of this Blog will know that I am an unashamed advocate of Believers’ Baptism and I have written various articles on this subject (1).  However, it has to be admitted that God has blessed the ministry of many paedobaptists and paedobaptistic churches just as he has that of many Credo-baptists and their churches.  One must be right and the other wrong and Christians should know what they believe and why, but it may be that God is less concerned about the matter than we are.

My concern in this article is to deal with a belief of many paedobaptists, a doctrine which is, I believe, a virtual denial of the Gospel, that of Presumptive Regeneration

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