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News and Stuff | November 24, 2013

Dear Readers,

This is just a little break from the usual rants about Linux and theology and other favorite subjects for a bit of ordinary news of Robin.

Almost 5 months ago I got injured at work, moving stacks of boxes around. A stack of them tipped over while I had one on my shoulder and I did a fast little balancing act to save the falling boxes. I succeeded in saving the boxes, but in the process I injured my right shoulder. X-rays, physical therapy, cortisone injections seemed to help for a time, then back in October the simple act of reaching up to change a light bulb set me right back to Day One again somehow. So I finally got an MRI to find out just what was going on.

Three muscles are torn severely (“full-thickness, full length”), and a fourth is partially torn. One tendon is displaced and another torn to a thread. It turns out that physical therapy probably only made matters worse, but I guess you have to try the least costly options first or something. Anyway, after all this time I finally got Worker’s Compensation insurance to authorize surgery to repair all that damage. That’s where I’ll be next Tuesday. Lousy timing with the holidays and all that, but it really won’t wait any longer. I haven’t been hospitalized since I was 11 years old having my tonsils out, so if I become a wimp on Tuesday just bear with me. 😦

But in the meantime while on limited duty, I broke a rule at work. The company won’t leave their Standard Operating Procedures alone for five minutes. There are constant changes to every procedure and policy, and a rather uncustomary shuffling of personnel to other positions. Everything is topsy turvy there. That made the job 10 times more stressful than it needed to be, and on top of that I went home after work every day to an even more stressful scene, as my wife and I are caregivers for her mom, who suffers from dementia, stroke damage, bipolar disorder and God only knows what else. It makes her unpredictable and sometimes violent. Stress on stress. Not that it’s any excuse for the childish little temper tantrum I threw at the end of one workday (after closing, no customers around to hear it thankfully), but yeah, it was a long time in coming.

Then this happened:

Not counseled, not written up, FIRED. Really? Even after I requested their Employee Assistance Program. It had already been decided.

Now when it’s wrong, I say fight it. When it’s right, I say fight for it. I believe my dismissal had more to do with “office politics” than with my performance, and all my coworkers there will attest to the fact that I was excellent at my job. Letting me go while I still have an unresolved Worker’s Comp thing going on, and without following their own procedures for employee discipline, sounds like grounds for a legal challenge that might, hopefully, protect other excellent employees from working in constant fear for their jobs all the time. Perhaps I can win back pay and damages, as well as reinstatement. Though I’m not sure I care for the latter. So:

While waiting for all this shoulder injury stuff to pan out (which I had to get a lawyer to get things moving), I studied up and tested for a different opportunity, and recently passed the state boards for a life and health insurance agent license, and have an arrangement with Aflac once my license is finally approved (that can take up to three months). I bet it pays a heckuvalot better than the blood bank does.

See y’all after they fix my shoulder up then.


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  1. Wow when it rains it pours doesn’t it? Sorry to hear about the accident and let me know via email if you want how goes the surgery and the new job. I sincerely hope and pray everything turns out alright. Have a good Thanksgiving as much as possible and take care of yourself!

    Comment by Peculiar Baptist — November 27, 2013 @ 8:31 pm

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