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SJC Answers the Overtures in the Negative | November 5, 2013

The PCA Book of Church Order has no such provision as the one cited in this “decision.”

“Double jeopardy” doesn’t apply to ongoing sin!  If, for example, a member is acquitted of adultery but the affair goes on, that should be a new charge demanding a new trial.  The same should apply to any “Teaching Elder” in the denomination who continues to teach heresy in a new Presbytery after having been acquitted in his former Presbytery.  So what’s going on with the higher courts of our denomination?  Has “being nice” come to over-rule any sense of jurisprudence even in those charged with oversight?  Just one step further along the slippery slope that started many years ago now.

Particularly bothersome to me is the fact that almost none of the “rank-and-file” ordinary church folks are even aware of this threat to the gospel of grace alone, by faith alone, through Christ alone.  Even many of our own elders and pastors seem either entirely unaware of it or don’t see it as any threat, or they’re too busy running their “local” affairs to take notice of it.  It looks like it’s up us “sheep” to make our “under-shepherds” aware of the wolf pack assembling at the door, and pray for our leaders as never before.

SJC Answers the Overtures in the Negative.


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