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What Racism Looks Like

July 11, 2013
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This is what racism looks like:

We have been told all along that white people have some sort of monopoly on racism. The defendant accused of murdering Trevon Martin does not even identify as a white man, but as Hispanic.

Nevertheless it is “whitey” who is supposed to “pay” for an acquittal, if it happens.

It isn’t justice these New Black Panthers seek, but war. Unwilling to take responsibility for their own culture which celebrates and glorifies crime, violence, rape, anarchy, and bedlam, these thugs hope to use the Zimmerman trial as an excuse for unleashing it on the larger culture, while calling the rest of us “racist.”

The definition of racism has been completely lost in the paralysis of political correctness. Bigotry and prejudice are one thing. Racism is a completely different thing. While all three are despicable, only one results in actions like those being advocated by Shabazz – the very same ones used against Black people and Jews by the KKK and by Hitler’s Nazism.

A bigot is a person who simply doesn’t like those of a particular race. A racist, on the other hand, is one who believes his or her own race in inherently superior to others and is rightly deserving of mastery and dominance over the other.

Who’s the racist in this situation?


Unjust Weights and the 41st PCA General Assembly

July 1, 2013
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Unjust Weights and the 41st PCA General Assembly.