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A Proud Papa | November 14, 2012

My son looked great and was awesome before he went off to boot camp. We didn’t imagine anyone could improve upon such awesomeness, but the U.S Army managed it brilliantly. He graduated from boot camp last Friday and we were there to enjoy three days of liberty with him before he returned to resume further training as a member of the Cavalry. He is 30 pounds leaner. He is ripped, respectful, re-made. A soldier: Proud, able, skilled, resilient, resourceful, disciplined, powerful yet subdued under authority, and well prepared for the intensive training ahead of him.

Whether it’s new or not I don’t know, but the Army pays respectful tribute to the families of their soldiers these days, recognizing that the families of soldiers make huge sacrifices as well. Not as in putting our lives on the line so much, but in matters of the heart and soul. We were treated with high esteem and given every bit of information we needed and affirmation for those invisible sacrifices it has taken to raise a child with the tools and skills and character they need for the responsibility they bear as soldiers.

The graduation ceremony was brief and simple, yet rich with meaning. In five weeks time, we’ll attend “the big graduation” from cavalry school. My son will appear in his dress blues for the first time, swapping the black beret for a Stetson hat and spurs, a cavalry tradition dating back to the Revolution. The Cavalry does the same job in today’s army that they have done since the founding of the nation, serving as the eyes of the army on the battlefield. Rarely on horseback these days, but in awesomely equipped vehicles and in teams on the ground, and typically in advance of the infantry. We have yet to meet a Cavalry Scout that doesn’t love his job. And we are proud to count our son among this elite corps of specialized soldiers.


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  1. Hellow my name is Sally and I’m a writer and this blog really aided me. I’m refocused! Thank you!

    Comment by Jerald Urraca — November 25, 2012 @ 2:18 am

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