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Voting | September 16, 2012

When I turned 18 I was anxious to vote. A student of the bible, the U.S. Constitution, and history, I was anxious to support any Christian running for office in the hope that doing so would help turn things around in my country.

Little did I know that I was placing far too much trust in people and too little in God. My first presidential vote was for Jimmy Carter because he claimed to be a Christian. Look at him now, advocating for abortion “rights” and gay marriage and all that totally un-Christian stuff. His policies weakened my country globally and at home we had runaway inflation, gas lines, and home ownership was impossible to obtain with prices doubling every 4 years.

It made a Republican out of me, especially because the venerable Ronaldus Magnus became the nominee. I actually met Ronald Reagan and shook his hand at a political event, and his presidency put our nation back on track. And America regained it’s global respect and strength.

His successors, though, from both major political parties, have horribly abused the Constitution. Even RR violated the Founders’ intent, but to a far lesser degree than any president in my lifetime other than Eisenhower, who was president when I was born (waaaay back in the olden days).

I have a copy of the Constitution. It’s just a little paperback book, as thin as an iPod, that fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. Not complicated nor hard to understand at all. The 10th Amendment is crystal clear. It grants specific powers to the national government and forbids it from exercising any and all other powers. Powers not given to the national government by the Constitution are reserved “to the States, and to the People.” I have read the Constitution cover to cover several times. Nowhere in it’s pages is the national government granted any authority to have anything whatsoever to do with:

  • agriculture
  • health care
  • education
  • energy
  • communications
  • insurance
  • retirement
  • charity / social work
  • etc., etc., etc.

Yet we have Federal departments of Energy, Education, Agriculture, Health, and a zillion or more federal agencies to regulate retirement, charity work, education, communication, and just about every field of human endeavor. Why?

Maybe I’ll explore that question later, why we have all that and how it happened. But for now I’m just pointing it out to explain why I jumped to the Libertarian party and voted Libertarian in the last election. The Republicans nominated a liberal who could demonstrate very little difference between his own policies and those of the Democrats. It seemed to me that the “power brokers” in the GOP had anointed McCain long before the first primary election ever took place, and imposed their choice on a mostly conservative party base. They have done the same thing this time with our current nominee in my opinion.

Was my vote for the Libertarian candidate wasted? Look who won! As liberal as McCain is, I don’t think even he would have dared to take us as far to the Left as Comrade President Imam Obeyme has. Nor would he have taken a global “apology tour” and bowed down to any Arab ruler. Nor would our country be as weak financially, nor would we have lost so much of the respect we once held among the other nations of the world.

Will I vote for another Libertarian or the Constitution Party candidate in November? Um, prob’ly not. Despite my very strong opposition to many of the unconstitutional policies Mitt Romney advocates, I think he’s the only realistic alternative to 4 more years of this mad rush to federally-run communism. On one hand, it’s an election, not a horse race! We’re supposed to vote our conscience, not “pick the most likely winner.” But on the other hand, the two major parties have so corrupted the laws and the entire process of elections to lock out any “third party” or independent candidates, that those efforts are wasted until we can get those restrictive and unfair laws overturned. The way to do that may be from within this stupid two-party system.

“Third party” candidates running for nation’s highest office are kidding themselves. The only way for a Libertarian or a Constitution Party or a Green Party or whatever third party candidate to reach the top is to start at the bottom. I will vote “third party” in local and state races until there are enough of them to make a viable run at the Presidency. But until then I will not cast a neutral vote that would be meaningless against the rising tide of state-run socialism that the Democrats are pushing.




  1. I sincerely think the “choice” between Obama and Romney is an illusion. A way for us to let off steam without ever changing anything. By stamping our X on either of the appointed candidates, we are signing on for more of the same nonsense we keep getting. McCain would’ve been as bad or worse than Obama, since the “right” would’ve allowed him more leeway. At least the conservatives are mad now. My bet: Romney, if elected, will simply solidify the big gov’t gains Obama has made. That’s the way the game is played. Until you kill the Federal Reserve system and the IRS, the welfare/warfare state will proceed unchecked. Only the flavor of tyranny changes.

    Comment by David the Good — September 17, 2012 @ 4:16 am

  2. BTW, I think your gut feeling to vote Third Party previously was worthwhile. It really doesn’t matter who wins, since that’s in God’s hands, but what we do with what we’re given does matter. We’re called to make the best possible choices, not the ones that are practical or approved by the masses. A vote for a minor candidate isn’t a vote for Obama… it’s a vote for a minor candidate. The two-party system is a false paradigm we’re being pushed into. Keep chewing on things – I appreciate reading your thoughts.

    Comment by David the Good — September 18, 2012 @ 6:16 pm

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