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Scared, Trusting Sidekick | May 10, 2012

A few definitions my Heros is teaching me:

is not the absence of fear. Courage means you can be scared spitless, but you just proceed anyway because

It’s the right thing to do, or
There’s nothing else to do, and
There’s nothing you can do to change it.

Like soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen, Marines, firefighters, cops, and other heroes who obey desperate orders against the odds of success. And countless more “ordinary people” who labor selflessly at jobs they hate or that are unsafe or unhealthy because they have a family to support.


Stupidity is when you know the right thing to do but choose to do something else (or nothing) anyway because

It’s the easy thing to do, or
You just don’t like the right choice, and
You can always blame something or someone else, or at least make it appear that you’re “the victim.”

Like the arrogant fool who knows better than his doctor and pursues silly unproven fad diets to manage obesity and diabetes, then complains about the cost of medical tests and procedures to repair the damage as though he’s a victim of the doctor “who doesn’t know anything.” If he doesn’t know anything, why are you running to him when your stupid fad diets have made you desperately sick? Or the political leader whose political agenda unfairly applies in his or her jurisdiction and then blames opponents when the treachery is uncovered.

My Hero is omnipotent. He controls even His enemies, and on Judgement Day all those enemies will learn how everything they did against God’s Sidekicks was used by my Hero only to bless the sidekicks and glorify their Hero. It’s pretty easy to be courageous in the service of Jesus Christ, even when I don’t know what the big picture and what He is up to, exactly. I don’t need to know. I can be scared, but making the right choices is not difficult because I know my Hero’s will – from His written, infallible, and unchanging word – and I see His power demonstrated and remember His mighty deeds and how He saved me and adopted me as His own little sidekick.

Not changing the subject: Some weird stuff is going on. Big chunks of my once thick, gorgeous hair are falling out in clumps. There’s soreness, and some sort of hyper-inflammatory response to an unknown (but to my Hero) attack on my scalp. Doc takes a biopsy and a culture. Patholigist wants a second opinion, maybe they’ll repeat the biopsy. Culture shows some infection, so doc prescribes powerful steroids for the hyper-inflammatory stuff, and cypro for the infection. The combination can cause tendons to snap doing nothing more strenuous than standing still. Doc says, “be careful.” Is this sidekick scared? Yeah, I guess so, but I know what to do, and I trust my Hero who knows exactly what this is all about because He sent it to me and did so with a particular purpose which He promises will be to my good and His greater glory! How can I go wrong? So I proceed confidently.

And I like joke about two theoretical explanations for this mysterious attack on my scalp. Brace yourselves:

Theory 1: A Native American revenge plot. “We’ll scalp you guys one way or the other!”

Theory 2: A strand of alien DNA dropped from an orbiting Ronulan starship. Yes, I said Ronulan, not Romulan. Y’see, I really ticked off some Ron Paul supporters just about the time all this trouble started.

I hope my Hero lets me keep my pretty hair. Not to mention my tendons. And um, whatever else is at risk (I don’t even know, neither does he yet). But even if I lose it all, I know that I gain in the end! And my Hero achieves the purpose for which He sent this. I know that that purpose is good because He is good. I trust Him completely, so doing the right thing is an easy choice.



  1. I’ve heard that steroids are not such a good option, I’d advise you to consult some other doctors too before you start taking the medicines

    Comment by abhishek — May 20, 2012 @ 12:07 pm

  2. A Bald Boy Wonder? What a tragedy, lol. The disease has been halted, but huge patches of my hair are gone and Iḿ doing comb-overs like some old guy. I miss my hair!

    Speaking old guys… now Iǘe got two full-thickness, full-width tears in my shoulder muscles (rotator cuff), a tear in a muscle behind my shoulder blade, and two tendons all messed up, according to an MRI. Crime fighting hurts sometimes, lol. Hopefully something that can be repaired. I feel old despite being a boy wonder.

    Comment by adoptedsidekick — October 15, 2013 @ 1:19 pm

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