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An Adopted Sidekick

February 26, 2012
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Being adopted is wonderful for an orphan, or for a kid in foster care, or a kid rescued from abuse by natural parents. But so much more for a child who is corrupt, hostile, dysfunctional, or paralyzed by fear, by bad memories, bitterness, guilt, and all that sort of shameful stuff that makes most kids unadoptable.

That was me. I was never legally adopted by an earthly family. No, even better! I was eternally adopted by my Eternal Father, even while I was full of self-loathing and fear, headed for a life of bitterness, failure, and seeking approval from any father figure who offered it, and maybe even ending up dead by my own hand to escape the pain of a stolen childhood.

I see these people on Oprah or Maury telling the whole world, “I was abused, I’m a victim, feel sorry for me.” And I think, “Bovine excrement!” Because I know that most abused kids feel – above all else – shame. The last thing they would ever do is get on national TV and tell the whole world about it. My biggest fear in thinking about my future was that I would grow up to become an abuser myself! Statistically that’s what happens to the majority of abused kids. That fear kept me from having kids of my own for the first nine years of my marriage!

But today I’m pleased to say that by the time we finally did have kids, we felt called to parenthood, and neither of my two awesome kids have been abused in any way – thanks to my Heavenly Father, who adopted this “unadoptable” kid in the midst of hideous abuse in a broken home. Like the three Hebrew children in the midst of the fiery furnace, my Father accompanied me through the ordeal rather than preventing it, so that the true nature of His compassion could be demonstrated in me. And now, in my own kids as well – both beloved sidekicks as well, running alongside our adoptive Heavenly Father and delighting to do His will.